Samen Underground City


One of the major tourist attractions located in the country of Iran, in the historical province of hamadan in the south western city of malayer is in the city of samen is located.



That this was attention to attract. This monument is spectacular in the year 1384 was completely accidental discovery. Archaeologists have a large foundation of the primary this, according to the Parthian period have attributed that at the time, in addition, to the extent it has been added.The date of registration of the National Monument on 27 April, 1387. Is now possible to see from these reasons, the land infrastructure is not possible. The cause of this also factors in construction and Archaeology .



That tourists a lot of are hoping that with the efforts of cultural heritage, this monument is spectacular, will soon be rebuilt and available to everyone.The City underground in the period of mithridates I, about 160 to 130 Before the Common Era to the greatest extent has been reached.



The city to perform religious rituals, which made the breadth of it to more than 3 acres it seems. That now includes 25 rooms. Due to moisture caused in that area still call it the major of the city, in the heart of the rocks remains.Build the city to perform religious rituals.



For the implementation of religion, certain probably mithraism, which based on the worship of “Mitra” as the sun god and Supreme Being of ancient Persia has been used, and also evidence out there that suggests a covert perform this ceremony are news. And this phrase, a full explanation can be that at the time from the date of some peoples religious ceremonies to Secret to do with new.



Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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