Sant Stephanos church


The Church of Sant Stephanos located in the country Iran and the region Asia and in the East Azerbaijan province at 17 kilo meters west of Jolfa, and at a distance of 33 kilometers from the South Bank of the river Aras, two local name of the trout, Vank, located the Church in 2008 during a meeting of thirty-second and number National Register 429 and the date of the fifteenth of March, 1341 the National Register is reached.



High and great station it was built historical to the Safavid period will be opened the monument the monument National.This monument is one of the second church, history of Iran considered to be the date of construction of this monument in the ninth century AD, but due to environmental damage, including:the earthquake, which is the main cause of evil the building is experiencing downtime, a lot has been that in the Safavid era, under the reconstruction and restoration is located.



This monument is one of the monument, is that so much attention and respect Christians, and little is also a consideration of other religions is, in fact, to the Armenian Apostolic Church is owned by.That many religions the Armenian Genocide every year on a day in the church, the accumulation of the dynasty and ritual and pilgrimage to their particular instead of Be Aware.



The name of this monument from the Saint Stepanosor the same Saint Stepanos in the language, and dictionaries, Armenian.)
Restoration of the building historical to the time of ‘ Abbas Mirza nayib al-saltanah;
New exploration is about this, according to experts, cultural heritage ear reached is that during the repair of the church, the remains of the bones of the apostles and saints of Christ has been.



That in addition to the bones, to discover the ripe, a few pieces of fabric yellow and brick pieces, wax, beads, frankincense, and a few pieces of boards that is related to the box, keeping the bones have been found.




Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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