Shafi’i Mosque


Shafi’i Mosque is a Sunni Mosque in the city of Kermanshah, which is located in the Kermanshah Market (Dark Market). Established in 1324.



This mosque leads to the Janshir Square on the one hand, and on the other to the darkness of the market, and was bought by a number of Sunni benefactors under the leadership of the late Hajj Molasid Hussein Masoudi in the area where he was a pastor. Today, prayers are held only in the new mosque building, which is built next to the old mosque in Turkey.



Mullammad Rabiei, who was killed during chain killings.
In the Islamic architecture, the mosques are considered one of the most important architectural projects, and the Shafi’i mosque belonging to Sunni Muslims is one of the most beautiful and most magnificent mosques in Iran, which by the time has become a historical masterpiece. This mosque built by a group of Sunni benefactors and its beautiful and spectacular architecture will be the culmination of the Iranian mosque’s architecture in Kermanshah, and has been added to the beauty of Kermanshah with its glittering highlights.



The interior and mold of this mosque, which is decorated with Quranic verses, has given a special spiritual mosque to the mosque.
The Shafi’i mosque is bound to the Jamshir square on the other side, and on the other side of the bazaar, and today prayer is held only in the mosque building, which is located next to the old monument, in the style of the mosques of Turkey.





Writer : Sara Ordikhani


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