Shole Zard


Chardash or Yellow Shade is a traditional Iranian dessert that is cooked and distributed in some festivals and mourning.



It is charred because of saffron, it is yellow and sweet, and it is cinnamon and pomegranate and pistachio sliced on it. It is generally cooked in one way, and especially used in Ramadan for Iftar.



The ingredients of this dessert include rice, sugar, saffron, rose water, cardamom, pistachios or almonds, cinnamon and butter or oil.
Since this dessert is cooked and distributed more often during religious times, it is sprayed with cinnamon, spiced with religious phrases and names.



Yellow hail has a Persian origin
The main ingredients are rice, saffron, rose water, green spinach and sometimes coffee.
Preparation of yellow hawk
The Yellow Chill is due to yellow and sweet saffron, and it is cinnamon and pomegranate sliced and peeled. The Yellow Chalon is generally cooked in one way, and is especially used in Ramadan for iftar use. Yellowish
Ingredients Yellowish Shell
2 pc rice
Sugar 1 cup
3 pcs water
Butter 100 g
Saffron 1 teaspoon
Pumice and Roseback to the desired amount
Preparation of yellow hawk
Rinse rice and boil in warm water and stir after rice is softened. Add butter and saffron and spices.



When rice is softened, turn off the flame and add the roast and let it cool slightly. Then pour it into a dish and decorate with cinnamon and a slice of pistachios, almonds and walnuts.




Written by: Elham Olfati



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