Tabrizian Khagineh, sweet sessert of Tabriz


Khaghineh is one of the traditionall dessert of Western Azerbaijan or Tabriz that is used as a breakfast or evening meal & It has been always in parties,formal&informal ceremonies.
Khaghine has many variety &if it used on form of sweet& is provided with hony,suger or mollasses is used as a dessert otherwise it used as a meal.



frugal Khaghine provide with combination of milk,flour&egg but if is added to it some of the fruts
From diffrent kinds of Khaghine can be mentioned hony Khaghine or furgal Khaghine ,benana Khaghine with safforn juice,Tabrizi roulette Khaghine&Tabrizi carrot Khaghine such as added walnut & peanut is changed to a valuable set of nutrient as a dessert or healthy breakfast for children.



Writer : Sadaf seiri


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