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Tas kabab, taste of life

 Tas kabab, taste of life

Some foods should tasted in our life because they are so delicious like Tas kabab.

The origin of the traditional and delicious food is from “Ardabil” province in Iran ..!
“Tas kabab” is a meat and vegetable dish specially cooked by grandmothers from the old times!
Old in the eastern countries, it was customary to make the quince fruit with meat, lamb or goat make a very good food.



Tas kabab Food ingredients:

-onian- Lamb meat -quince fruit
Potato-Plum -Carrot-Salt, Pepper, Turmeric-Zucchini-
Tomato paste – tomato
How is this meal prepared?
Put the onion in the bottom of the dish. Then, chopped meat, carrots, and so on, until the stuff is finished, and finally put the potatoes on the chopped and toasted tomatoes on the potatoes. This stacking mode makes the food taste delicious while providing food fats..!
Serve this food with “Sangak Bread” and Onion! This dish is very suitable for those who have a diet because this food is made without oil. The combination of meat and quince fruit will boost their properties and create a superb tasting combination. One of these high-quality foods is Tas kabab.



Tas kabab Benefits of quince fruit:

• A rich source of vitamin C, zinc, potassium, copper, iron, and dietary fiber. • Antioxidants in this fruit can reduce the risk of various types of cancers.
• It is often praised by its ability to control allergic reactions.



Tas kabab

Benefits of Prunes:
• Prune is useful in the treatment of anemia, weakness and disability and physical fatigue.
• It is effective in maintaining the health of the liver and preventing toxicity of digestive system.
• Adding 3% of the extracts of the plum, more than 90% prevents the growth of microbes.
• Plums improve the quality of the meat that they are cooked to help keep the meat warm.
• Contains high levels of phosphorus, which increases the power of mental activity.
Carrot Food Value:
• Carrot is a rich source of vitamin A and one of the most important vegetables in the world.
• Another value is beta-carotene, which is more liberated when cooking.
Individuals who were taking more
beta-carotene had a 40% lower risk of developing cataract for those taking
• A study conducted at Harvard university found that people who ate more than 6 carrots per week ,Less stroke than those who eat only one carrot or less per month !!
Zucchini food value:
• effective in the treatment of asthma, and because of its vitamin C, it contains strong antioxidants and is
anti -inflammatory.
• Prevents MS disease.
• For plentiful water (over 98%) it can be a good food for people who have dietary intake.
• contains enough folate, potassium and vitamin A that the body needs.

This food is very tasteful because this food Knows as a Iranian nutritious food and you should taste it.

Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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