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The Salt men


Six naturally preserved salt mummies were discovered in Cherabad salt mine, near Zanjan.



It is estimated that the salt men are between 1500 to 2300 years old.We have a thing here that make this body amazing , this body discovered with leather shoes and these are the oldest leather shoes of the world .



The best preserved one us a16 years old boy wearing a cream and red striped woolen sweater-beside whom artifacts such as abone-handled knife with its case, a belt, two clay jugs, and a sheep skin were found. Some archeologists believe the men died as a result of the collapse of the tunnel over which occurred repeatedly over the centuries.



The discovery of the salt men has provided invaluable information about the life style, tools (axes made form resistant steel), food (marine protein), textile industry, social costumes (men wearing earrings), of the people leaving in achaemenid (330-550 Bc), parthian (247 BCE-224 CE), and Sassanid (224 to 651 AC) empires.Three of the bodies and their belonging are in Zolfaghari meseum, in downtown Zanjan.




Writer : Sahar Abelehkoub



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