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Tirgan Festival


This Iranian celebration of festival calling Tirgan .Tirgan is one of the iranian celebrations what celebrate in mid summer .Tirgan celebration Held in annually on Tir 13 s’ Iranian calendar
(July 2, 3, or 4) .



So the question is how Iranian people celebrating this national celebration?!

Tirgan celebration celebrate by splashing water to eaching other and dancing, reciting ,poetry also serving Traditional foods and meals such as spinach soup and Sholezard .




Tirgan celebration still celebrating as an Iranian, traditional in various regions of Iran.
Also It is widely attested by historians such as Gardezi, Biruni, and Masudi, as well as European travelers during the Safavid era.
in IRanian history The celebration is dedicated to Tishtrya, an archangel who appeared in the sky to generate thunder and lightning for much needed rain.



Iranian legend says That Arash or Archer was a man chosen to settle a land dispute between the leaders of the lands Iran and Turan to dividing Iran and Turan by an arrow when Arash went to Damavand mount for specifyied the frontier.
and when he he dragged his bow, due to pressure his faild down from top of Damavand mount and his dead.
It is stated in Biruni’s chronology that “by the order of God, the wind bore the arrow away from the mountains of Ruyan and brought the utmost frontier of Khorasan between Fergana and Tapuria.” Gardizi has given a similar description, although he notes that “the arrow of Arash fell in the area between Fargana and Bactria.”




Iranian people who are living In abroad celebrating this celebration in street festivals and etc… also Tirgan organization organizing this celebration in abroad.
also their official Website is :


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Be happy and colorful everywhere



Writer : Arvin Abadi 



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