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Toranj marine hotel


Toranj marine hotel is the first Iranian marine hotel. If you are in love with the water, sea and the nature of the south of the country, you have no doubt that the hotel is the best choice for your stay on the island of Kish.



In this luxurious and unspoiled hotel, some of the rooms and suites are built in the sea and in the form of an armchair. In addition, whenever you want, with a direct look, your eyes are engrossed in the beauty of the sea, with the glass window, the distance to this clear and slick water is minimized. Amenities at the Borghese Hotel’s rooms and suites are at the highest level.



A beach volleyball, a gym, a spa and massage and a children’s playground are the recreational facilities for the entertainment of your family and your family. Finally, the restaurants and cafes of the Beregan Hotel on the beach or on the sea, with a romantic and pleasant view, make sweet memories of traveling to Kish.



Greek ship Kish: 9 minutes by car

Kish Airport: 11 minutes by car

Pearl Kish Shopping Center: 14 minutes by car

Kish Beach Women’s Beach Beach: 16 minutes by car

Shopping Centers for Campus 1 and 2 Kish: 16 minutes by car

Coral Kish Shopping Center: 17 minutes by car


Writer : Sara Ordkhani 



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