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Torshe Kabob, an Iranian tart food from Gilan province


The foods of the north of Iran are unique in taste and delicacy!
For example, special “kabab_torsh”
( sour kebab) roasted in Gilan and Mazandaran and you should try it..!



We mix onion and grated garlic, local vegetables (chochagh), walnut, pepper and pomegranate paste, then add the pieces of meat to this mixture.
The more pepper the food has, the better it will taste!
The best kind of cooking for any kinds of kebab is barbecue !



kebab_torsh has a delicious flavor and is served with saffron rice or local bread,Usually, along with it:
olive, garlic, dough(yoghurt) ,salty fish and so on..!




Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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