Sepandārmazgān,oldest Valentine


Sepandārmazgān is one of the Iranian celebration that today Zoroastrianism padded one of march (spndarmadh-fifth day of the month of march)

Sepandarmaz equal to twenty nine of Bahman is held in the solar calendar of modern.
Let´s celebrate out own Sepandārmazgān instead of western Valentine.

The earth is like a mother who keeps her children from every cortex and face.

One of the day commemoration of the fertile land and human counterpart,it’s «woman day».

«Commemoration of love and kindness» on this day man gave their women and daughters a gift and women wore new clothes and left home for happiness and men and children carry all the works of house and not only to praise the pious ladies but they were also given to them.


Women also give a gift to men with the goal of gratitude,which is the sign of love among wives.
This day is on the solar calendar of 29 Bahaman and in the Zoroastrian timeline equal to march 5th and it is from the twitch and auspicious celebration that is left from our ancestors.



Written by : parinaz rezaei



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