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Traditional sport of Iran


Zurkhane is a place where men play sports and are mostly built on the streets of the city. Its roof is in the form of a dome and its floor is deeper than the bottom of the street. In that short, there is no nonsense, and anyone who has to pass through it and into the zurkhaneh must be bent. They say that in zurkhaneh it is shortened that athletes and those who go to watch go to the sport and athletes’ respect and that place bend. It opens into a narrow aisle with a short ceiling, and that corridor goes to the “Cold Zurkhan”.



Genesis Zurkhaneh:

The advent of Zurkhaneh dates back to the very old days of wars and the training of war techniques in that era was carried out in a special style and manner, as the warfare of that day consisted of horse riding, polo, shooting, and ship And … that its education was necessary for every country.



In ancient sport, a practical instrument is inspired by war devices, for example, the “desire” is a modified shape of the wand, “Kebada” is the same as the “bow”, “rock zurkhana” is the same “shield” and “Drum Zurkhana” reminds the drum The war is the Kus and the local gurman for the cultivation of the soul and soul, but in the meantime, reading the lyrics has played the same verdict of the battlefields as it was in the past, with the difference that in the poetry of Rajazkowani the purpose was to scare and overcome the opponent, but in The poems of Zurkhaysh are intended to induce strength and power for sportsmen, which among them considered the poetry with a spell of advice and advice on the path to self-control.

Murshid has a Sufi or Arefi ruling in the Zurkhān which, by reading epic poems, aims to induce power and exercise.



 History of ancient Iranian sport

Ancient Iranian sport, also known as “Zurkhaneh sport”, is also considered as a spiritual and spiritual activity as well as an activity for strengthening muscles and physical fitness. It has a considerable sacrifice.




Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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