Turquoise mine


Turquoise is a kind of stone that the oldest and the first mine of that located in 53km northwestern of Neyshabour in Khorasan province.

Engineers and workers extract 19 tons of turquoise from this mine every year.



A few years ago, Neyshabour had only one turquoise mine and that was the oldest active mine in the world. Discoveries are show that the history of using this mine reaches 5000 years.



Turquoise of Neyshabour have best quality in the world and export to all around the world. Also this angle introduce Neyshabour city as a cradle of Turquoise in the world .



Second turquoise mine of Khorasan was discovered at 7km from first mine, and now turquoise of Neyshabour take possession the world’s market more than before because Turquoise’s harvest reached 40 tons annually.

Epithet of this mine is “The most precious cave in the world”






Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari


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