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Two colored tea


• The history of two-colored tea:

Gilan people believe that with two-colored tea at the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom’s life, such as tea leaf, green, and sweet tea, will be sweet and joyful ! The bride and groom also put money into the tray to thank the person who brings the two-colored tea. In the past, one of the Iranian women’s arts was making two-colored tea , which gradually dimmed over time.



• Other benefits of two-colored tea:

Two-color tea is in addition to edible, as a herbal medicine, has several properties!
This tea, meanwhile, is a good drink for blood purification through kidney secretions, helps to eat, and prevents sleepiness.



• How do you make two-colored tea?

First, pour a little tea in the cups or glasses and then make it with sweet sugar, the sweets should be so much that the tea is almost saturated,if There is more tea sweets, the color difference also increases , it is good, of course.
Take care of ourselves and our guests!
Then add boiling water slowly in the tea, because of the difference in concentration, the tea is lower in the bottom and more pale on top!
And this is a genuine Iranian art!



• Where is the best place to find this special tea?

The best place to find this tea with the oriental tea flavor is for foreign guests in the guesthouses of northern Iran! Which is often presented in the old style in certain Iranian cups ..!




Writer : Bahare mirpourian



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