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Google village or Goggal village?!


If you are traveling from the city of Minoodasht to Holy Mashhad, the Goggole Village Leaderboard will undoubtedly attract you.
Tourism of persia- A very lush village that is named for its search engine because of lack of Arabs in the text. A village was founded before the savage tribes by the early Minoodasht and the tribe. The name of the village is derived from the Turkish language. If you are asked from elder, you will find that not long time ago the Turkmens lived there, and The name of the village is derived from the Turkish language .this area was called Gogal, which was briefly registered in google.It means the blue lake.




Forced migration of Sistani Habakkuk Sahara, a Shiite clan came to the village of Goggol.

Currently, 80% of the Gogol people are Sistani, including the Sarawani (the first Sistan 1% tribes to come here)
And the 15% of tribes are ethnic groups And 5% (mountain, Baluch and Afghan).
This village has two mosques.

The main job of the people of this village is: agriculture, livestock.



Written by : Parinaz Rezaei




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