What is the difference between Arak and Iraq?!


Arak is the capital of Markazi provins (Markazi means “central” in Persian).Arak District has 5.511 square kilometer area and 615,702 populations.the district is bordered with Tafresh and Komijan northwards,Delijan northeastward ,Mahallat eastwards,khomein southeastwards,Shazand  southeastwards,and Khondab westwards. Arak district,the city of Arak being the center ,has 5 towns ,2 countries and 10 rural districts.



The foundation of the city of Arak traces back to Qajar dynasty period.before the time,it was a part of Eraq-e ajam the effort to pacify ethnic conflicts and restoring order in the region,an army was organized by General Yusef khan Gorji.He asked the shah to build a military absorbed many people in search of security.the castle and its surroundings were named Soltan abad , after the title of the king ,Soltan.



The building was finished in 1862.

The south-north railway led to establishing a station in an outskirt of Soltan Abad.It was named Arak.

soon after,the name of the station  was extended to the whole city.some different meanings are attributed to Arak including throne,capital city,orchard , palm grove, township , and audience hall.




German orientalist,Ernest Hertsfeld (1879-1948)suggested that it is a modification of Aragh\Erafg –a flat plateau.

Because of its geographical position Arak gained importance ,becoming an industrial center.

Many industries and plants in Arak have absorbed industrial and service is one of the main industrial cities of Iran,possessing many plants for heavy ones,including:

Machin sazi Arak,producing heavy machinery.

Azar ab, producing heavy machinery .

Wagon pars,train manufacturer.

Iranian aluminum company.



HEPCO, heavy road-construction vehicels petrochemical factories and oil refineries Navard aluminum.

Iran combine manufacturing company.

Arak has climatic fluctuations because of its proximity with meighan desert,altritudes,scarcityin vegetation, mountain ranges and low humidity.

Its main topographical features in center and north.

The people generally speak in Persian while there are Turkish spekers in some parts.



Writer : Farima Ghasem Haghighat



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