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What is halal food?
• The type of food is important for all humans. Sensitivities and limitations are observed in every religion and culture in relation to foods consumed. In Islam, foodstuffs that are lawful are allowed. Also, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists have their own rules on food intake. It’s also important to have vegetarian origin for foods for vegetarians!
• Halal food is said to be used in foods that are permitted in Islam. Therefore, Muslims should only feed on animals that are severely cut off with the sharp knife and the Lord’s name when slaughtered.
• In Malaysia, Malaysia is pivotal in discussing halal food, and Iran is among the 15 Islamic countries with a good potential for halal food. Currently, other goods and services can be classified as halal goods, including clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and financial services.



Halal Food History:
• In the religious texts of the Muslims and the Book of the Quran, there are related articles of halal food, and they insist that haram food has a bad effect on the human body and soul.
For example :
Sura: Al-Nahlah, verse: 114
Baghareh 168 / Maedeh 88/ Anfal 69 Nahl 114
And also in a narration from Imam Reza that: Allah has not made any lawful drink and drink anything except that he has benefited from it and has not forbidden any food or drink except in that harm and destruction and corruption. Therefore, anything useful and exhilarating to the body that strengthens the body is solvable, and anything that destroys or leads to death is forbidden.



 Halal universal standard:
• Halal brand is developing globally.
• Non-Muslim countries have also shown their interest in entering halal food products. At the moment, countries such as Thailand, Britain and the United States, whose official religion is not Islam, have become seriously concerned with markets and revenue markets for Islamic countries and halal products. Halal as a global standard, a measure of the quality of healthy and healthy food in the world, is a factor in the development of food and product exchanges between Islamic countries and non-Islamic countries.



Islamic governments and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) anticipate and plan for food trade and halal products in line with the figures of this billion trade
Principles of Halal Food:
All clean food for Muslims is lawful except for the following food groups, as well as any product that is derived from them or contaminated with them:
• 1. Dead carrion or dead animal
• 2. Blood and blood coagulation
• 3. Pig and all the sub-products obtained from it
• 4. Animals not mentioned the Lord’s name at the time of slaughter
• 5. When the slaughter of animals is such that it prevents full blood flow from the body
• 6. All sorts of micronutrients and substances that remove humans from the natural state include alcohol and drugs
• 7. Carnivorous animals have sting teeth, such as lions, dogs, wolves or tigers
• 8. Birds with sharp claws (bird birds), such as open, eagle, owl and vulture
• 9. Domestic animals such as frogs and snakes.



The basis of the ban on some foods:
• The basis of the ban on the abovementioned food group is strictly based on the commandment of the Holy Qur’an. Since wisdom and science are not surrounded by all the secrets of creation, the wisdom of some of the Islamic teachings may not be available for.



• These day’s knowledge, but this does not mean that these recommendations are unreasonable, as the philosophy of some of the teachings of Islam In the past, it was unknown and nowadays science has discovered its secret.
The arrival of non-Muslim countries and the global desire for Halal food:
• According to a study conducted in the Muslim regions of Europe, more than 61% of schools do not use pork in any food, and 12% of schools provide halal food for students. The growth of the halal food industry around the world is indicative of the non-Muslims’ desire for meat that has a better taste and healthier meat than non-halal species. Interestingly, the halal mark after Malaysia has the highest use and production in countries like England and France. In many cities of the western countries, behind the vitrinal dining shops, there is a large line of halal food. For example, we will discuss the two countries below.



Halal Tourism in Iran:
• Non-Alcoholic Beverages in iran :
With this unique technology Maintaining the full aroma of the beer to remove the alcohol content. The common popularity that is consumed in our country is not beer at all, and it is actually a drink based on Malta. In this method (limited fermen) that is applied in Iran, the process of preparation, before the liquid is obtained, gives rise to heat dissipation to prevent its alcoholization. The benefits of non-alcoholic water include:
1. It is a useful ingredient for the body (if it is not sugar)
2. The chance of having a stroke is 40 to 60 percent less than those who do not eat beer.
3. The result of the latest research by Dutch researchers and Howard University suggests that drinking low amounts of alcohol-free beer will keep your blood pressure under control.
4. Strengthens memory.
5. Those who drink beer are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.
6. Has a positive effect on bone strength and prevents osteoporosis.
7. Finnish researchers argue that magnesium-free alcohol reduces the odds of kidney stomach up to 40%.
8. It prevents the growth of cancerous tumors.



 Halal meat in iran :
In Iran, all the meat is made legally, and this is a major advantage of choice. And the people of the world have a lot of attention to the health of the meat to choose. Studies show that protein structure is different in Halal meat and not-Halal meat, and Halal meat is more compatible with human gastrointestinal tract. The provenance of red meat products, along with the observance of health standards, has protected the health of the people.

Also Iranian hotels provide for Muslim tourists Halal food and drinks.



Writer : Bahare Mirpourian


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